For most corporate or business email users, one of the biggest pitfalls in terms of email is the deliver-ability rate. Either with regular correspondence or through email marketing campaigns, everyone at one point or another has fallen victim to a dreaded “your email is spammy” bounce-back.

The reason for this is because a large portion of business email use a service called a blacklist. This is a globally centralized list that is maintained by a third party company to identify spammers or potential spammers. They also use heuristic ruling to determine if your email is probably spam, which will get you blocked and then subsequently listed. This mostly affects customers sending larger amounts of email, such as customers sending out email marketing campaigns or companies that has a large number of users – but it can also affect anyone or any email domain, given the circumstances come together to make you appear like a spammer. This could also be the result of your computer or network being hacked, and the hacker using your system to send out unsolicited email.

There is good news though, that comes in the way of being able to verify yourself as “not a spammer”.

The largest blacklist provider is the Barracuda blacklist. They control a major part of email traffic scanning and are partnered with a large number of Internet Service Providers. To check if you are blacklisted with Barracuda, you can use the free online tool:

This service will scan a large portion of global blacklist, the main one being the Barracuda blacklist. If you are listed you will be displayed with a red mark and information on how to get yourself removed. If not, you’ll get an “all good” green check mark.

blacklist screenshot

Either way, you can the ability to ensure that you never get blacklisted on their system. In fact, you can ensure that you actually never even get scanned through there system! Almost acting like a VIP pass, you can get verified so that the Barracuda blacklist simply forwards your email on without passing it through it’s scanners.

To do this, there is a service provider that Barracuda has partnered with called Once there you will have to create an account to be able to have your email domain listed. Creating an account is free, but each domain you list will cost you $20 per year, which to us, is well worth the peace of mind that your email message will be delivered. Please note that it is NOT $20 for each email address, but only the domain. So, for us, our domain is We have several email addresses on this domain, but it only cost $20 per year for all of them collectively.

create account

I’d also like to point out that this service isn’t really meant for free email services like gmail or yahoo, and in fact they will not allow you to try and verify one of these domains.

Once you have created an account and logged in, you’ll have to start the process of adding your domain. They will need your domain name, your registered business information or personal information if you are not a business, and also your IP address. To get the IP address of your domain, you can use the same service that you used to check if you were blacklisted from the top of this blogpost ( Once you do a lookup of your domain, in the results at the top it will have your IP address listed, and this is the IP address you should use when registering your domain with

add domain


ip address shot

Once this is complete you will get a notification saying that your domain is being verified. The verification process takes about 3 to 4 days, and once complete it will show a “verified” notification next to your domain in the system.

domain status

Now you can have better peace of mind when sending out any email from your corporate or personal email addresses. Just don’t forget, you have to re-verify every year!

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