I am a big fan of the way the web used to work. If you were online in the 90’s you should remember the array of animated gifs and “under construction” headlines that covered the internet. I too even had a site put up on the infamous GeoCities! One of the things I still have today to keep things in perspective and to remind me of a better and simpler internet time is the Flying Toaster Screen saver. This is a screen saver that came with a pack of screen savers you could install on your PC or Mac and it just resonates 90’s online. It’s a simple screen saver with literal flying toasters going across the screen.


Luckily, this piece of software has crossed into abandonware! This means I’m free to share this with anyone and everyone. If you’d like to try out this awesome screen saver, follow the link below to download it from the download page. Once downloaded, simply copy it to


and you’re good to go! It will now be listed in your standard “choose screen saver” dialog in your computer preferences.

Download Flying Toaster Screensaver

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