First, let me clarify before anyone takes my head off – I hate Andrea from the TV SHOW. As both a fan of the TV show and the graphic novel, I know the stark differences between the TV show version of Andrea and her much better graphic novel counterpart. Now, a lot of people dislike Andrea’s character on the TV Show because of that very reason… because of the blatant differences between the two. Not me. I understand that the TV Show is not an exact retelling of the same story, but a reinterpretation of the idea of the graphic novel, while borrowing a large amount of content from it.

The real reason why I hate Andrea, and possibly the reason why a large number of other people do too, is because her combined features and actions make a shitty person to connect with, regardless if we are let down from knowing how awesome she is in the graphic novel.  So, to break it down to easily understand what I mean, I’m going to roll through what exactly combines to create the character that I love to hate so much…

Her Face

Call me an asshole here, but there is just something about her face that makes me want to punch it, and I’m completely against violence towards women, and I know that she’s just an actor, but that face… Her looks and mannerisms do not fit the character, nor do they fit the situations that she (as well as everyone else) are in. The several parts that come to mind when thinking about the looks and “feels” she gives off that I hate are 1) when she first meets Rick and holds him at gunpoint… “you’ve just killed us all you stupid blah blah blah” oh shut the hell up Andrea! 2) When she falls down getting attacked by a walker and is screaming for her life while crawling backward… Oh yes, you’ve won best dramatic scene from a female character for sure. 3) When she’s in the R.V. and there are walkers all around and she has a crazed terror look. I mean, yeah, I might be wrong. These might be reasonable responses to the fear and panic in a zombie outbreak situation, but I don’t really think so. I think that fear and adrenaline combined would cause more of a sense of “OK, shits going down and I need to not die real quick”.

I Hate Dale Because He’s too Awesome for Me

I get it, you wanted to die and Dale stopped you from doing it. Yeah, well, go to hell, Andrea. Dale… Sweet sweet Dale… loved and cared for you so much that he was willing to die for you, and all you care about is your own selfish self. At every step of the road, he’s been there to look after you and give you solid advice and guidance to help you make the right decision and time after time you take the low road and act like an asshole.

I’m too Awesome for Common Sense

Yeah, Andrea, you’re a pretty good shot with a rifle. So good, in fact, that you need to show everyone how good by shooting Daryl in the head. Not only did you shoot Daryl when every, single, person, is telling you not to shoot the gun, but the gunfire brought on walkers to the farm and drove everyone off the farm! Now I know what you’re thinking… “it’s not Andrea’s gunshot that brought all those walkers”. Well, don’t care. I hate her and I’m blaming her for it so get over it. It might not have brought on all the walkers, but there wasn’t supposed to be any guns on the farm, and everyone knew that gunshots could draw on more walkers from the sound.

That, my dear Walking Dead fellow fans, is why I hate Andrea, and why I think you might hate Andrea as well. Let me know what you think and if you have your own reasons for hating Andrea like me!

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