Screenshot 2015-03-01 20.03.55 has created a really cool screen saver if you enjoy time based screen savers. You can view a demo of it here:

It’s called “TimeBeat”, and it’s an abstract take on the traditional clock. Each time a second passes, the numbers “beat” into place in a nice and smooth animation. It appears to be made entirely in Flash Professional. While this is find for most desktop users and for the installable screen saver, we’d like to see this re-created in HTML5 so that a wider range of people and use it and play around with it. With the available technology in HTML5 this should be something that wouldn’t require too much difficulty in transitioning the Flash version over to an HTML5 version.

If you want to download the screen saver for your PC or Mac, you can do so by clicking on the small text links that are in the bottom of their flash based demo. Or, you can check out our downloads page to grab a copy of the zip folder!

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