All in all I’d say that february was pretty productive for me in terms of work (keep in mind that I do a lot of social media marketing and the like, not just trolling Facebook).

Having said that, looking at that number, almost 230 hours in the month. That’s 230 solid hours that I have sat in front of my computer doing work. That’s 230 hours that I could have been exploring something, visiting with friends, making memories. I know I NEED to work, but it’s still kind of sad that the work I do involves me spending a large portion of my time away from the world. I know I’m in front of a device that “connects me to the world”, but I no longer see that as having any resemblance to the real world anymore. I don’t know if it’s me getting older or if it’s me realizing that people in the world are collectively defying nature and creating a world they “think” is more progressive. We need technology! Or, we need to go out in the woods and play around while finding some food for the day. If you’re really honest with yourself, which would be more fun?

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, but I don’t love it more than the love of my hope that we one day won’t need the technology we have created. The technology we have created is just a child’s attempt at creating means of advancement. We all possess the technology in ourselves, we’ve just evolved to no longer need it, and it makes me sad.

So for now, I’ll live with the cards I’ve been dealt and use the technology I have available until another round of understanding comes along.

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