The online landscape has quickly become the preferred platform for generating revenue for your business. 83% of people in the United States actively use the internet more than 2 hours a day; 56% of those being on a mobile device; with 72% making some type of online purchase once a week. This is the market you want to tap in to and we will walk through all the steps to help you break into the online landscape for your niche.

Do you have a product or a service? Or better yet, do you have a product or service that you can easily sell online? This will really determine if you can benefit from having a heavily geared online marketing campaign. With other marketing campaigns, the same rings true for your website or landing page; there needs to be a direct call to action. If you sell tangible goods, this would most likely be click to buy, or click to an item; for service related products it would simply be a way to start the “sales funnel”; a way for them to tell you they want to be contacted, with a little bit of information about themselves.

You’ll also need to determine how you are going to get your customers to your website or landing page. How will people find it? How much is it going to cost you? This is really doing to depend on the type of product or service you are marketing, and the amount of content you will be able to generate for the website or landing page. This is where you determine if you will in fact need a website, or if a landing page will be able to house all the information and call to actions you need for your product or service.

A good way to look at it is; the lower amount of content you have or can create on your website, the more apt you are to utilize landing pages and pay per click advertising. This, combined with a solid social plan can create the traffic you need to turn a return on your investment. Content, on the other hand, can be a cheap or free (your time? Your employee’s time?) Option that; given that you can create enough content; along with strong social posting and inbound linking; can drive your website far up enough in the SERPS(Googles ranking pages.. first page of google) to be found simply by the people that are looking for what you have to offer.

So, after determining if you are fit for a solid online marketing campaign, and if you are going to be content driven or PPC driven, what’s next? Layout and usability.

Your website or landing page needs to be visually appealing and modern. If people don’t like what they see, or think that your layout was created in the 90’s, they will most likely continue on with their search to find a solution that seems more modern, and in turn more reliable.

None of this will matter, however, if your website isn’t user friendly. There needs to be as lest options as possible, with clear call to actions, navigation and site structure. People that visit your site or landing page want to see your content; what you have to offer; and if they like it they want to follow up on it. It’s your job to make sure they can follow up with extreme ease. Purchase directly from the page they land on. Contact from that same page. Submit for more information without providing every piece of data you can think of… These are the things that can turn a potential buyer or client into just another bounce off from your website.

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