Your marketing strategy has ultimately two goals; to maximize exposure and to increase response rates to drive in business. So, when thinking about your marketing campaigns, you want to offer the best possible ways to respond, while also creating a fluid and integrated campaign. This is where QR Codes really shine. With the advent of mobile devices, and camera ready devices steadily replacing the traditional laptop or desktop, offering a QR Code to either reply or gain more information online is essential.

We like to use the term “bridging the online world with the physical”. Traditionally all you could put on a direct mail postcard is text and images. With QR Codes, your postcard can come to life with embedded videos, augmented reality, interactive games, and most importantly response forms. All a person needs to do to response or to complete an offer is to scan your code! You can have your code load up an online form, navigate them directly to your store, or call and email with this push of a button. Awesome!

Now the bad… QR Codes are ugly. Simple black and white squares; guaranteed NOT to fit in to any of the great designs you come up with. While it will help your customers find them by sticking out like a sore thumb, they will also attract the wrong amount of attention away from your offer or important information. But… you’re in luck! TillerPhish has developed a way to create QR Codes that are fully custom and fully tailored to your business! We can take your branding or mail piece design and seamlessly integrate a QR Code design that will be perfect for whatever your needs.

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