About A Watson Photography

Allen Watson –

Photography has been a passion of mine for over 30 years. I strive for unique images that will be meaningful for a lifetime. I have a very patient low key approach to taking photographs that are unique and captivating

About the services we provided:

Web Design

We created a design that was on the darker side, that focuses more on the quality of photography more than the visual appeal of a website. We created a main slideshow for the homepage to highlight different styles of photography, while creating gallery based pages for the sub-content.

The only thing lacking in this design is that it was created before we adapted a responsive or mobile standard. We are working with the client currently to have the site updated to a responsive design using the Foundation libraries.

CMS Management

While this site doesn’t currently have a blog, we still wanted the client to have an easy way to add new projects and photographs without having to opt into additional services when they were not needed. So, we installed a bare bones WordPress theme we created to the layout design. This allows them to upload their content easily.

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