About Auto Fitness:

Auto Fitness Center has been a leading provider of quality full service auto repair and maintenance in Hickory, North Carolina since 1993. We have trained, certified technicians on staff specializing in all makes and models. From the most complicated of problems to a simple oil change, Auto Fitness is ready to keep your vehicle in shape.

About the services we provided:

Web Design

The idea behind this design was to keep things simple and easy to navigate, while also remaining clean and professional. We also tried to incorporate the logo into the full header by creating a “road” style header design.

The design is also fully responsive and “every device” friendly.

Logo Design

When we first created the website, they didn’t have a logo. This drove us to create one for them that would add value to their brand. We decided to use two different concepts in the logo, a pulse meter and road lines.

In the design, the lines feeding up to the first reading on the pulse meter doubles as lines on a road, which can be seen in the road style header on the website.

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