About Beautiful Puppies:

Beautiful Puppies is a group of the finest breeders who are dedicated to raising the best quality puppies possible. Happy, healthy, well socialized puppies who will be a wonderful new member of your family for years to come. Wonderful, reputable breeders who take pride in their particular breed and who love their puppies and are seeking the best homes possible for them.

About the services we provided:

Web Design

The target audience of this website played a big roll in the design of this website. We wanted to take all of the wants and needs from the client, their target audience and their content and create a design that would be both user friendly and appealing.

What we ended up with is a design that keeps all of their content organized and easy to use, while remaining feminine and light hearted.

The design is built around the Foundation framework and utilizes several features on top of the responsive side. It also incorporates their light-boxing libraries, as well as some of their design elements, such as tab panels and accordions.

CMS Management

Their needs for a system outweighed the ability of WordPress, or other pre-built CMS system, so for this project we decided to create a new system from the ground up. We created a back-end system that was tailored just to their needs because of the unique flow of the system.

There are several layers of user management, where admin level users manage the site and content completely, with lower level users managing content on a “breeder” level.

The system allows breeders to manage and post ads and media to the site and allows the site administrator to oversee and control all aspects.

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