About Emerson’s Coffee:

Emerson’s Coffee is a locally owned coffee shop that has been operating for 23 years. We now have two locations in North Carolina.

About the services we provided:

Web Design

The original design for the site was created at a time that was before the availability of newer design techniques, so we decided to create a design all over. We tried to create a design that was easy to use and had a “coffee shop” feel to it. The design currently has a special mobile version, and we hope to work with the client in the coming months to redo the current design in a responsive layout.

CMS Management

We decided to create a custom back-end management system for the client because of some additional features they needed. We’ve set it up for them to be able to manage a news / blog section, to manage a live and interactive menu, and also to manage an online shop to sell their various types of specialty coffee.

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