About Lydia Drace:

I was born and raised in a little town in N.C. I was drawn to the macabre at an early age. When other little girls were playing with dolls and make-up, I was collecting Creepshow comics, reading horror stories and dreaming of someday living in the mansion from ‘Tales From the Crypt.’ My early childhood ambitions included being ‘Elvira, Mistress of the Dark,’ and the drummer for Motley Crue (don’t laugh, it was the 80’s). As I grew older and realized I could be neither of those I floundered in career goals for a while until I read ‘Annabel Lee’ by Edgar Allan Poe in the 6th grade. I instantly fell in love with the written word. I wrote tons of angst ridden poetry and short stories as a teenager but life decided to steer me away from my creativity for a while. Fast forward through high school, a marriage, 3 kids and a divorce, and I am still that same awkward little girl who loves the darkness, is fascinated with creepy things, and loves a good story. Oh, and I still want to live in the mansion from ‘Tales from the Crypt.’ I’ll get there someday. For right now, I still live in N.C. with my 3 wonderful boys and 4 rescue dogs and I hope to eventually land on the Amazon best seller’s list.

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