About Totally Vaping Awesome:

Totally Vaping Awesome is a podcast radio program focusing on the worlds of vaping, entertainment and the humorous as brought to you by two guys in the vaping industry. MoocH 1 and Freeze bring an individually unique perspective to each topic they discuss. Sometimes poignant, sometimes brash; the show boasts an impressive no holds barred attitude and has garnered the attention of Vaping’s most recognized personalities and beyond.

Different from other programs in vaping, The Totally Vaping Awesome show is from the perspective of vapers but not limited to the audience of vaping. The attitudinal, comedic and scathing commentary speaks to people from all walks of life and is listened to worldwide.

Join MoocH 1 as he navigates the murky waters of awesome with the help of the shows residential bringer of the funny, The Freeze. The show is recorded and released twice weekly and offers consistent segments, bits and special programming. This is vaping’s true entertainment show- Totally Vaping Awesome.

About the services we provided:

Base Design

The client had a current website built with the free service Wix.com. Their main concerns were that they didn’t have the control over the content without having to manage the underlying layout, and the layout options provided didn’t have anything that was mobile friendly. They also wanted something more modern and sleek with a few value added functions such as embedding their podcast.

The first step we took, which is usually the first step in all web based projects unless the client explicitly asked not to, is to create a framework that is Responsive. We use responsive design across the board. This is the best way to provide full compatibility and usability across the board on all devices, no matter the platform or size.

The next step was to create a design to mold around the responsive framework that matched the general look and feel of Totally Vaping Awesome.

CMS Management

One of the requirements was that they needed to be able to modify the content of the site, as well as posting new content and maintaining a blog.

We chose to integrate the WordPress CMS system into the website we created for them to manage their content. WordPress offers a full featured and extremely easy to use CMS that take a lot of the headache and guess work out of keeping up with website content management. We used a bare-bones WordPress template that we created to integrate the design. If you would like to use this bare-bones template in your own designs, please email us at: info@tillerphish.com and we’ll send you the template files.

Logo Creation

We did some simple editing of an existing logo to create one that better fit with the brand and the website.

Additional Features

One of the additional features needed was the ability to have their podcast integrated into the site. We offered two solutions to this. The first, being an embedded SoundCloud playlist on the homepage that a visitor can look through all episodes and pick which episode to play. It defaults to the most recently uploaded track. The second was integrating the SoundCloud Stratus player so that users could enjoy the podcast no matter where on the site they are. The player gets docked to the footer of the website is a small play bar, giving all the standard features of SoundCloud.

Another feature needed was the ability to have YouTube content automatically added to the site and displayed in a good way to the visitor. To do this we created a theater style system that pulls videos from a playlist and displays them on the page. There is a main video player window that all videos load in, and then thumbnails of all videos tiled under it with the title of the video. Once clicked, the video gets loaded into the main video window.

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