We are very excited to announce the launch of a website created for our most recent client, The Vape Association, LLC. One of the services they offer to their users is a very; colorful; and quite entertaining podcast, The Totally Vaping Awesome Show.

TillerPhish was tasked with creating a web space that both highlighted the podcast, while still providing supplemental information and entertaining, interactive content without taking focus away from the podcast show.


We started, as we always do, by focusing on a design that is responsive. This has been adopted as a standard for good reason. Responsive design not only offers an easier design platform (creating one design and set of files instead of individual sets for mobile devices) but it also offers the absolute best cross compatibility. Responsive design is rock solid on any and every device.. Well, almost every device. There is still the problem of dealing with those users that are still stuck in the 90’s (in internet terms, at least) and we all know this can be a pain, and means we have to sacrifice our awesome design for something more simplistic that will ensure it works for our less advanced people. What we’ve decided to do here, as well as on many of the websites we create, is to address the user directly by letting them know it’s time to step into the future.


We’ve created this landing page that will display when a user tries to access the website from a version of Internet Explorer or FireFox that is deprecated and no longer supported (think IE version 6). It lets them know they are using globally unsupported software and offers links to update their web browser from any of the available options. We feel that this is the best option to keep from reducing quality for an un-necessary range of support.

The main feature of the homepage is the podcast listing and the cartoon characters of MoocH 1 and Freeze (the show hosts) that we recreated with their new adopted logo.


The rest of the homepage is basic information and external links with social media links, but presented in big, bold, clean and easy to use fonts and buttons. We felt this played in perfect with providing the additional information needed on the homepage without pulling focus away from the podcast.


To integrate the supplemental content they offer we created an item repository that acts as an entertainment gateway. This offers text and image (blog), video (YouTube Feed), and audio (Podcast Feed).


Simple column based blog listing


We’ve created a theater style setup for their YouTube Feed. It has a main video window, and then columns of videos from their Feed to the right (or bottom depending on the device you’re on). When a video is clicked, it loaded into the main video window.


We’ve created this podcast listing for two reasons. One, it gives their users a way to get an overview of what a particular episode is about without having to just listen and hope for the best. Next, it offers a way to pull wonderful SEO (search engine optimized) text from the episode that wouldn’t be there otherwise. Win-win!


The final thing we created was a way to keep people entertained and interacting throughout the entire website. We wanted people to be able to listen to the podcast no matter where on the site they are. To do this we integrated the SoundCloud’s Stratus Player.


The Stratus Player is a play bar that stays pinned to the bottom of the page that can be programmed to play any of the show’s episodes. Currently, the users has to “pop out” the bottom player into a new window (simple button click from the bar) to keep playing between pages. We have plans for the future to implement a bar that will remain static without the need to pop out.

If you’d like to check the site out for yourself and maybe have a listen to their Awesome Podcast, visit

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