So let me start off by saying that this blog post will not be written from my normal ‘business’ point of view, it will be written from myself as a consumer. Hopefully, this will offer better insight as to why good, quality content is critical to the success of your website and business. When a consumer is interested in the services you have to offer, what is the first action they take? They look up your website! Why do they do this? Because they want more information on the services you provide and how you can help them and they want that information quickly. Personally, if I can’t find the information I need in the first few minutes of browsing a website, I move onto another option. Your website is your foot in the door to building a successful customer/service provider relationship. So, how can you create great content that will allow you to begin that rapport with a potential customer? Here are a few tips:


  1. Make your content as informative as possible. When a customer visits your website, they want to know what you do, how much it’s going to cost, and how available you are. List your services, fess, and hours of operation clearly and concisely. Does your pay rate depend on the job? Provide a customer service number that is easily accessible so they may call you to discuss options. If you have a set pay scale, include that in your content. The more information you can provide about your business, the better. Not only will it be more convenient for your customer but it saves time and resources as well. No one wants to take time out of their hectic day to call a business to ask a question that should be easily accessed through your website content.
  2. Make your website easy to navigate. Keep in mind that if you’re computer savvy, your customer may not be. Easy navigation of your website allows a potential customer to browse with ease and absorb the information you provide about your business instead of stressing out over hard to find tabs and links. If you do include outside links on your website, make sure they work properly.
  3. Get a mobile site. For those customers who are computer savvy, they will most likely be accessing your site through a mobile device. We live in the age of on-the-go technology and even though your website may look perfect and easy to navigate on a laptop or home computer, that format changes on a mobile device. Tabs, links, and information can all be displaced on a tablet or mobile phone. Having a mobile version of your website ensures ease of use, no matter how a customer chooses to browse your services.
  4. If you’re not so great at writing, don’t attempt it. It’s important to save money and keep your overhead costs low when you own a business and because some website developers will charge an extra fee for content, you may be tempted to write the content yourself. I don’t advise this. Website developers will often contract a ghost writer to write your content. That person will have the knowledge and creativity to place accurate and informative content on your website that will be easy to read and will keep your potential customer interested as well as providing great editing and grammar. Hiring a content writer may cost a little more but it’s always better to have the job done correctly than to save a few dollars. Great website content will bring more customers to you, therefore returning your investment.
  5. Keep it simple! Website information is easier to follow when written from an everyman’s point of view. Inside industry words and abbreviations may confuse the customer, causing them to look elsewhere. Make your content easy to understand. This is also where a great content writer comes into play! Your website needs to give information about your services clearly but it should meet in the middle and not sound ‘dumbed down.’



Remember! Your website is the first impression of your business. Quality content and layout will drive more customers to your services, increasing revenue and exposure. Be proactive, thorough, and engaged with developing your website to guarantee successful traffic flow. Your website is your best advertising tool. Make sure it’s used wisely.

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